Updated WHMCS invoice created template

WHMCS email templates are quite customizable. Last time, we showed you how to customize the domain renewal template. This time, we’ll show an updated WHMCS invoice created template.

If you need WHMCS email template assistance, do contact us. We’re always here to provide assistance for you.

The problem:

WHMCS, at default doesn’t let clients know if they need to take action on invoices. If the client has a subscription, this may lead to double payments. This, of course, leads to frustration, and tickets addressing this

The solution:

The updated WHMCS invoice created template takes subscriptions into account. If your client has a subscription, they’re told. If your client doesn’t have a subscription, they’re given the link to pay.

The template:
  1. Go into whmcs -> admin -> setup -> email templates. Edit the Invoice Created template.
  2. Toggle the Enable / Disable Rich Text Editor option to disable it
  3. Copy and paste the following code , replacing everything in the text box
Dear {$client_name},

This is a notice that an invoice has been generated on {$invoice_date_created}.

Invoice #{$invoice_num}

Amount Due: {$invoice_total}
Due Date: {$invoice_date_due}

Invoice Items


{if $invoice_subscription_id}
This invoice is just for your information, it will automatically be paid by your {$invoice_payment_method} subscription within the next few days. 

{if !$invoice_subscription_id}
Please login to your client area at {$invoice_link} to view and pay the invoice.




There you have it! Your default invoice template now lets your clients know if they need to take action, and provides a link to do so.