WHMCS Tips and Tricks – Changing the WHMCS URL

So, you’ve managed to get WHMCS installed and updated. You’ve been working with it for a while, but you decided hey, you don’t like the URL it’s at. Here’s how to go about changing the WHMCS URL (ie: where your clients go to your WHMCS). Some of this is basic, some, not so much

Create the new URL

If you’re creating a subdomain, do it in your control panel. Otherwise, create the new directory, or subdirectory for your WHMCS install

Change all redirect links and notify clients

In your own website, you’ll want to go through and change all links to your WHMCS install. Make sure your clients know where to go to your new client area. This is, of course, important.

Move WHMCS files

Of course, you have to move your WHMCS files in order to get this to work as it should. Move them into the directory, or subdomain that you created in the first step

Reissue WHMCS License

Head over to WHMCS . Click on your licenses, your valid license, and in the left hand side, in the bottom panel, you’ll see a ‘Reissue License’ link. Click that. When changing the WHMCS URL, you’ll have to relicense your install. It’s as simple as clicking that button.

Change the URL in the database

This is probably the most important step. Without this, you’re unable to do much of anything. Run the following two queries in phpmyadmin. Make sure to change the URL as appropriate!

UPDATE tblconfiguration SET value='http://mywebsite.com' WHERE setting='SystemURL' ;
UPDATE tblconfiguration SET value='https://mywebsite.com' WHERE setting='SystemSSLURL' ;
Visit your admin area

Now, go and visit your admin area (ie: https://mywebsite.com/admin/). If all went well (and it should have), you’ll see a login screen and your license will have been updated. If you encounter a license error, make sure you reissued your WHMCS license.
While in your admin area, make sure that you go to settings and adjust the Logo URL as well. Otherwise, your logo may not show up

Adjust any hooks or template edits you made

When changing the WHMCS URL, you need to make sure to point your old hooks, template edits (including any logo stuff) to point to your new URL. If you customized your email templates, then you should change those as well.