Increase productivity through notifications

I’ll be honest, my inbox is always full. No, really, it can be a nightmare. I sort through it every few minutes/hours, I have some aggressive filtering going on (forum posts, system notifications from dozens of servers, etc). My mailbox is always sitting with 10-15 messages unread, it’s crazy. If you’re like me (and many are), you can identify with the problem very quickly.

So, what happens when tickets come in. What happens when critical issues come up that need to be addressed? What happens when clients reply to a ticket ? It can take some time (usually 5-15 minutes) for a notification to pop up in your mailbox… OR, you can choose to be notified other ways. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to Increase productivity through notifications in WHMCS? Well, now there is.

The WHMCS Notifications Extended module answers this problem, and so much more. If a client replies to a ticket, I’m notified via text, pushover, slack AND hipchat (yes, I use both for testing ;)). Ticket replies have gone from hours to (literally) minutes, and of course, productivity and client happiness has gone up!

The WHMCS Notifications Extended module can do more than just that though. For example, if administrative actions have been taken (client deletion, etc), hey, the module will let you know that. Late fees added? Well, you can know and address it with the client. Perhaps they weren’t aware they had an invoice generated? It happens!

Even better, the WHMCS Notifications Extended module works hand in hand with our other modules as well. For starters, our WHMCS Cron Notifications module , which tells you if the cron hasn’t run, and provides a better output for viewing your logs. More will be tied in going forward as well.

Adding to this, the WHMCS Notifications Extended module continues the task to increase productivity through notifications by adding a ‘nag’ system to WHMCS. This adds 5 separate time alerts to the WHMCS support system. If your client has a ticket which has been let go, or not replied to in X time, well, now you can be alerted!