Keeping track of your WHMCS cron jobs

Your WHMCS cron is your money maker. It’s the beast that keeps your income flowing. Invoices generate from it, cards are charged, everything is done right through here. Surprisingly, however, many don’t know when this is problematic. They don’t keep an eye on it, and don’t catch the problem until it’s far, far too late.

There’s a few ways to keep track of your WHMCS cron jobs.

#1: Check email every night.
This is good, except, let’s face it, those emails often get overlooked. They typically get filtered into a subfolder if you have multiple email accounts, and that can be bad.

#2: Check logs every night.
You can go through your system logs (admin -> utilities -> logs -> activity logs, search for cron), and this may work for some, but it adds more to your ‘todo’ list every day

#3: Check health and updates every day.
Admin -> help -> health and updates (bet you didn’t know that was there ;)) . Again, this is something that adds more to the ‘todo’ list.

#4: Use our cron notifications addon
With this addon, you will be notified via email (other notification options enabled with our notify extended addon) if your cron job has not run . You can specify how long (25+ hours) it’s been in order to notify you. You can also specify various points in WHMCS to hook into and ‘check’ , just in case your system cron itself isn’t working properly.

Keeping an eye on your cron job can be a somewhat confusing task. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you notice that your cron isn’t running and are a bit confused as to why? Hey, we can help you figure it out. Just contact us and we’ll be there to help!