WHMCS Notify Extended v 1.7 , sneak peek #2

Last week, I posted that WHMCS Notify Extended 1.7 was coming, and teased that lots of cool stuff was coming, along with a (sad) removal. Well, here’s a tiny bit more information on what we’ve been up to the past couple of months!

It should come as nobody’s surprise that Hipchat is being removed. Their announcement last year indicated that private servers would remain, but this is not something we’ve supported. So, with version 1.7, we say farewell to one of the largest chat additions  out there, unfortunately.

With removal, comes new toys, bells and whistles.  I’m quite happy to announce that 1.7 will include not one, not two, but three new methods of communication with both staff and clients. 2 new forms of communication (applications), and one new SMS provider.

  • Discord
    Discord will be usable as a room messaging addon (chat). Unfortunately, because of their webhooks limitations, one on one notifications (to staff, or users) will not be possible. If/when this changes, we will absolustely investigate adding these in!
  • Clickatell
    Clickatell will be entering as a new SMS provider. They’re not ‘new’ to the market, per se, just new to Notify Extended. Their API has, in the past, been problematic, and still is today, but it’s a bit less so, which led to them being added in.
  • WhatsApp
    Via Clickatell, we’ll be adding in WhatsApp. While this is another SMS messaging system, this is moreso an app and communication goes through that app directly, not through cellular systems. They also provide a web and App interface for computer users. As of now, this is just in testing. We will be working heavily with this over the next couple of weeks to ensure that it does indeed function as necessary.

Client Area
As of v1.7, WHMCS Notify Extended will have quite a bit of client area information, as teased in the last blog post. However, that’s a story for another day


As you can see, v1.7 is going to be feature packed with lots of goodies and bug fixes!! Make sure your subscription is up to date and good to go.