WHMCS Notify Extended: A Look Into The Future

If you’ve been following the blog over the past few months, you’ve seen some updates regarding our WHMCS Notify Extended addon. Well, I’ve got some exciting news to share about this addon, and some changes to some stuff that I’ve shared in the past few weeks.

Since inception, WHMCS Notify Extended has aimed to be a unique addon that will allow you, your staff, and clients to receive messages through methods other than email.  That hasn’t changed, not in the least. What has changed is how this is being done, and the methods used to do so.

I previously shared that WhatsApp is coming to WHMCS Notify Extended (through clickatell), and it is. However, this is also going to be coming through Twilio as well. Additionally, if used through Twilio, WhatsApp will have an awesome bot enabled. This may eventually move to clickatell, but for now, it’ll stick with Twilio.

Additionally, I’ll be adding one more new provider (for a total of three new providers) to the up and coming release of WHMCS Notify Extended, and some other bells and whistles.

One of the most important changes coming though isn’t the above, but the ability for users to fully control what they get, and where they get it at. While they could (kind of) do so before simply by utilizing WHMCS custom fields, the new feature will allow them to specifically toggle alerts to go to a specific provider, and aim to be GDPR compliant.

But wait…. There’s more… I can’t go into all the details, but let’s just say that the way that alerts will be handled will change, and in a very good way! One of the more thought about and requested features will be coming to the new version of WHMCS Notify Extended.

That being said, WHMCS Notify Extended will skip version 1.7 entirely. Given the drastic changes and overhaul coming up, I felt it was warranted to call this release 2.0.  You MAY even see one more major change that I haven’t hinted at yet here… We’ll see 🙂

Keep watching this space for more