An update to the addon formerly known as WHMCS Notify Extended

Hello all. I just wanted to provide a situational update related to the plugin formerly known as WHMCS Notify Extended, and to clarify some things that may have caused some confusion

Firstly, to avoid any confusion, this addon is absolutely still in development and being updated. Just because the addon is being renamed (to be revealed later) doesn’t mean that development has ceased. Once this is released, you’ll understand why this has been renamed, envisioned. This is absolutely , 100% a reworked product. I can’t stress this enough.

As I mentioned in this post , the release of WHMCS 7.10 threw a bit of a wrench into development of this addon. Various dependencies had to be removed, and I’m in the process of re-establishing those, in order to make sure that all of the services are still able to function as they should. This takes a fair bit of time to do.

So, this brings into question:
Why the delay??

While this was scheduled to be released q1 of 2020, there are a number of reasons for delay. Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide a better time-frame, but I’ll keep this blog updated as much as I can here… Here’s what went on, and why the delay

Originally, when I projected Q1 of 2020, I was aware this was going to be a huge project that needed a ton of time and work. Unfortunately, that was an understatement. The biggest thing causing delay at this point is re-working of how things are done.

In WHMCS Notify Extended, I had setup each hook to notify separately. This meant 100s of lines of code for each hook had to be added, and every time that a new service was modified, I had to go through and modify dozens of functions. Obviously, this wasn’t an efficient way to handle things, and getting them in line with the new way to do things is a pretty daunting task.

Once that’s all done, though, adding new services will be a snap. It’ll essentially be as simple as adding in the composer requirements (new addon has a separate load for composer stuff), adding in a few lines of code  , then voila , it’ll be added in. Of course, I’ll have to test the composer functionality, and all that, but that’s not that hard.   I already have a few dozen possibilities to check out for addons, but those won’t be added until the new addon is released.

And now for something completely different……..

Up until now, I’ve highlighted WhatsApp as the major update to V2 (aside from the massive rework). Well, that’s not all!!! I’m in the process of adding queuing to V2. That’s right, V2  will act pretty much just like your mail server does, with regards to handling messages. Rather than abandon messages if they fail, and sending them all out at once (some people, like me, have multiple providers enabled).  I’ll go more into this in a later entry.

Keep checking back, I’ll keep this as updated as possible