WHMCS Notify Extended – fall 2020 update!

Welcome back to the blog! I know, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything on WHMCS Notify Extended, and just wanted to provide an update on the status of things,, and an update on compatibility, things going forward, etc. It’s been a long couple of months, with moving physical locations the whole Covid thing, and WHMCS announcing version 8 (which appears to be on track to release this year at some point).

Let’s start with compatibility, shall we?
WHMCS Notify Extended version 2 will be compatible with WHMCS v8. Despite the account changes (and the focus on account based notifications, on this end), I’m making every effort to ensure that there will be minimal issues with v8

WHMCS Notify Extended  version 2 will maintain compatibility with WHMCS v7. I’m working with v7 initially and moving the code forward to v8 in order to test and ensure compatibility with both versions, in a single download.

WHMCS Notify Extended version 2 will NOT be compatible with WHMCS v6. I get it, there’s probably a few of you that are relying on WHMCS v6 (despite the fact that it is over 5 years old at this point), but it’s time to update your stuff.

Now, for an update on the status, delays, and all of that.

Earlier this year, I received an unexpected notification that a physical move was required. There were hints that this might happen, but it was still a bit unexpected. Anyone who’s ever dealt with moving a physical location (even as small as a 2br apartment) knows that this is NOT an easy task and that you’re looking at a 2-3 month (minimum) disruption of your life. Well, things are just now getting back in order , so that I can continue moving on with the development process, and getting this out.

As well, the announcement of v8 was made a few months back, which indicated that there would be some account based changes . It took a bit to dig into this, and I’m still in the process of doing so, making sure that the account notifications will work properly.

There were also some template issues, dealing with WhatsApp. I’m in the process of writing (and re-writing) all of these now so that they work properly, and as expected. There are likely 30-50 templates that have to be dealt with and addressed, so this takes a fair amount of time.

Of course, then we have the whole Covid of 2020.  This has set the entire world more than a little bit back.

After all that, I bet you’re wondering just what the release date will actually be? Well, I’ve got good news!! You’re not the only one! This is, by far, the biggest question that I get… FINALLY, I’m confident enough to provide a (rather vague) answer… Are you ready for it? Really? Can you handle it???  Well , here it is!!!


I realize this is quite a bit off of the originally scheduled release (q1-q2 2020), but given the above, it’s a pretty fair release schedule. I cannot and will not release a product that does not function. Be patient, and you’ll be just as happy as can be, when you see what I’ve been working on, and what this will bring about!

You may be wondering why WHMCS Notify Extended is on strike through, throughout this post. For that, I’ll refer you to an earlier blog post. The project is still alive, very much so, but it’s just being renamed. I think you’ll like the new one 🙂