Welcome to WHMCS Guru version 2.0

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago I started down a journey to provide some of the best WHMCS services and support imaginable, and that today, I’m still here, sitting and doing the thing that I have loved doing for so very, very long. Of course, without customers, a business is nothing, so, every bit of success is owed, not to me, but to customers, to those that help to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

2017 was not a very productive year, and for that I apologize. I allowed a few things to get me distracted, got behind to my obligations, and again, I can only apologize. Looking forward to 2018 though, I’m excited about what is coming down the road, starting with the massive revamp of forums (finally deciding on a feedback interface), a website that desperately  needed some TLC , documentation that was from the stone age (I mean, really, bad and old), and a few new plugins and mods that have been sitting around inside of my head for the past year and a half. Like I said, I’m excited and look forward to bringing more of these to you, the customers of WHMCS.

Additionally, I’ve introduced a new ‘version’ of licenses, called perpetual. Based on feedback from customers (and some non), these new license versions will go into affect immediately . They’ll be available for purchase as of February 21, 2018. What’s the difference you ask? A LOT!  Here’s the breakdown:

Typical licenses of hosting related software come with a yearly renewal fee. This isn’t as much as the initial purchase fee, of course, but it fuels support and development. I mean, no provider can live on nothing alone, right? So, yearly renewal fees cover this cost, for most. Some, however, would rather not  pay these yearly renewal fees, but instead choose to pay a substantial up front fee in order to continue to obtain support and updates perpetually. Hence, the perpetual license

If you’ve already purchased a license (at any time prior to today), and would like to upgrade to a perpetual one, don’t sweat it. Just submit a ticket , and a promo code will be issued , which will take into account all  of the payments you’ve made on your license so far (including yearly support and renewals).

Speaking of submitting tickets, have you noticed the new client area, yet? If not, this is the perfect time for you to explore this. Nothing much has changed, but the URL is now different. All future versions of software (some coming up in the next couple of weeks) will use this for licensing rather than the old URL. Make sure to keep up with your product’s changelogs, and forums for more information there.

I’m sure tat I’ve missed something going through this. Any time that a website is rearranged, something gets overlooked, or missed. If you think I have, or you’re missing something, drop me a line and I’ll check it out as soon as possible!!