WHMCS Notify Extended v 1.5.1 is here!


I’m proud to announce the release of WHMCS Notify Extended v 1.5.1 . The primary focus of this release is to remove the Pushalot extension, however there are a number of bug fixes that have gone into this release as well. Here’s just a few:

  • Telegram had an issue parsing some text.
  • Misc. services were not sending out the variables for Invoice ID and amount total
  • The payment gateway (for invoices) no longer relies on the file name, instead takes the friendly name used
  • When credit is used towards a payment, the amount owed would reflect $0.00 in some cases
  • Message titles were not set appropriately via Pushover in some*cases
  • Check / uncheck settings for users weren’t saved in Telegram
  • This update also confirms WHMCS v7.4 usability.

There’s still lots to add to the Notify Extended addon. Keep your eyes on this forum  for more  information and updates there!