Farewell Pushalot, we barely knew thee!

Today’s post marks a pretty sad day for me. One of my first experiments into the world of notifications (before notification modules were a thing) was Pushalot. Sadly, for the past few months, the pushalot site has been dead, and it’s just slowed everything down.

Because of this, official support for Pushalot in the WHMCS Notify Extended module is being removed . We’ll have version 1.5.1 released in the coming days that will strip all installs of pushalot configurations, and remove values from the database.

It’s never easy doing something like this, but given the lack of availability of the pushalot website, their lack of response on social media, and the massive delays this has caused here alone, it’s time to remove this , for the safety of everyone involved.

We’ll have an announcement made when 1.51 is ready, and of course, we’ll update the marketplace when  the new version is released.