Welcome Back (ups and downs)

If you haven’t noticed, the past few days, our client area has had its share of hiccups. Unfortunately, this was unavoidable, and all a part of a much larger project, which I’m very happy to say is now completed!!!

For the past few days , I’ve been working with ioncube, trying to get things just right, and now they are. As of now, all scripts are ready to go with php versions from 5.6 on up to 7.3. This was a project long overdue , but I’ve finally managed to complete it!

There’s no additional downloads, all of the php versions are built right in to the one bundle. If you have an active updates and support license, you can login today and download your app. If not, you’ll need to purchase an active updates and support license.

With this completed, I’ve taken a bit of time to also validate that the apps work with WHMCS 7.7 as well.

As always, if you notice something isn’t working, you can simply let us know and we’ll take a look at what could be wrong. I’m pretty sure I got all the bugs worked out, but it’s always possible one or two got left behind!