Welcome to WHMCS Notify Extended v1.6

Hot off the heels of Cron Extended v2 being released comes a pretty decent update for WHMCS Notify Extended. I’ve been working on this one for a bit, in order to fine tune things, and I’m rather proud of what’s come out of this release. It’s nowhere near a ‘main version’ release, but it’s a good feature release.

WHMCS Notify Extended version 1.6 focuses on nags. This is one area that I’ve long thought needs a bit of TLC, so, I spent some time putting the finishing touches on a few features for this system that I’ve been working for a while on..

To start with, WHMCS Notify Extended 1.6 adjusts the nag flow slightly. To help understand this, I’ve created a blog entry here that you can refer to, if you have any questions. Instead of relying on hard coded statuses and the like, I’ve modified the system so that it relies on your input. Additionally, I’ve opened up checks for priorities and all statuses.

Because of this, it’s very important that you take a look at your addon homepage, check the ‘nag configuration’ tab under the ‘alerts configuration’ menu. Make sure that you’ve got things setup as you’d like!

Additionally, some have asked me about the blank ‘actions’ section in the ‘ticket nags’ tab (in the general section). This is no longer blank, and now contains two icons… They should be self explanatory, but I’ll try to explain a bit here.

The pause icon (will become ‘play’ if it’s paused)
Clicking this will cause any alerts to be paused. This will not , however, pause the countdown, but will prevent the ticket from entering the next stage of nags.
Clicking this , when the ticket is ‘paused’ (play) will resume any nags. If the ticket nag is due, it will nag, and then go into the next stage of nags

The trash can icon
This will remove the ticket nag. It will not remove the ticket itself, but will simply remove the ticket nag.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do contact us and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible!